Wasp & Hornet Nest Removal Atlanta

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Critter Control Wildlife technicians also remove stinging insect nests such as hornets nests, wasp nests and bee hives.  We do not use any pesticides as our technicians protect themselves in a bee suit and remove the nest or hive completely and place it in a sealed container and remove it from your property. Many hornets nests are constructed in such a way that no one can totally penetrate the inside of a nest with a pesticide as the center is protected, not to mention they are the most aggressive stinging insect we have encountered!  You can hear European Hornets actually attempt to sting our ladders!  Leave your hornets nest removal to us!  Critter Control of Atlanta performs live honey bee removal and hive extraction. There are several methods our technicians can apply to your individual situation.  Call Critter Control of Atlanta for a Free Inspection at (770) 663-6260.

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