Squirrels in the attic?

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Baby squirrel

Baby squirrel

Gray squirrels are active from dawn to dusk, with most feeding occurring in early morning, and then again in the mid afternoon.  They sure do keep busy!  Those noises your hearing in the attic will continue as long as the squirrel has access to food and water somewhere in your yard.  Your attic is much safer from of the elements than a tree!   You will begin to hear females finding a good spot to make a nursery in your attic this time of year as it is mating season again (January & June). Gray squirrels have a 2-45 day gestation period.  Gray squirrels have two litters per year, each litter consists of 4 – 5 young.  Early Spring and late summer are the usual seasons depending on weather and food supply.  Bird feeders are a great source for those pregnant mother squirrels and your attic is the safest place around for he to build a nest!  Oak, Hickory & Black Walnut trees also provide an abundance of food.  No matter what attracts the squirrels to your home, our professionals at Critter Control of Atlanta can humanely trap & remove your squirrels and screen off or repair any of their entry points.  No more noises at the crack of dawn–you can finally sleep in!  

Common entries to your home include louver vents, roof vents, soffit vents, constriction gaps and water damaged or rotten fascia boards.  Our technicians at Critter Control of Atlanta will humanely trap and remove your squirrels as well as screen and/or seal off the areas where the entered once they are all removed, therefore preventing any future animal entry.  All of our repair work is guaranteed.  

While most trespassing animals are merely a nuisance they can also pose a real threat to humans.  It is estimated that 25 – 50% of house fires of unknown origin are caused by rodents gnawing electrical wires.  Squirrels are known carriers of encephalitis and typhus, although they are generally not carriers of rabies.

Critter Control of Atlanta methods of trapping include live cage traps and exluders (one way door tunnels).  Live traps are set on the roof in the line of travel outside the den entrance (traps are not set inside because there is poor light and the den is a shelter, not a feeding site–squirrels with go outside in prder to look for food or take the bait in the traps).  Any young squirrels removed that need special care will be taken to one of our wildlife rehabilitators.  

Squirrels inside a home that come down through a fireplace or furnace chimney should only be removed by trained professionals with the proper safety equipment (gloves, traps, nets, etc.)

Call Critter Control of Atlanta to schedule a free inspection at (770) 663-6260.  Critter Control of Atlanta has proudly been serving the Metro Atlanta Area for 30 Years!  15% Senior Discount Available.  Repair Work is Guaranteed.  References Available.  24/7 Emergency Services Available.  

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