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Controlling rats in your home or business can be challenging this time of year as food and water have been abundant this summer.  Critter Control of Atlanta wildlife technicians are experts in locating the entry points of these rodents, trapping and removing them as well as cleaning up droppings and sealing off the entry points.  This method, described as exclusion, is the most effective way to keep rodents out of a structure.  Critter Control of Atlanta does not use rodenticides (bait boxes).  Putting out rat poison in the summer time only leads to offensive dead rodent odors that can be inaccessible within wall cavities, therefore making it impossible to remove the dead rodent without cutting into drywall and making extensive repairs.  Our exclusion method comes with a renewable 3 year warranty.  All areas repaired are guaranteed against future animal entry.

Rodents such as rats and mice are good climbers and can enter homes and businesses through garages and patios.  The rodents can also gain access by climbing trees, rock facades, brick, cedar siding, trees, shrubs and vines to gain access to attics and upper levels through the roofline.  Rats and mice can often be found nesting in unused stuffed furniture, cardboard boxes that have not been moved or open (Christmas decorations seem to be a favorite spot and rat nests often go un-detected until Nov. & Dec.!) cabinets and equipment (old lawnmowers and unused sports equipment in garages).    Most rodent activity is at night many homeowners do not notice until the infestation grows or as activity and noises in the attic increase during the winter months as all rodents will forage for food both inside and outside of your home year round.  Water sources and grills are also an attractant.  Our technicians are trained to locate the entry points and begin trapping in those areas on the first visit.  

Call Critter Control of Atlanta today to schedule a Free Inspection.  Our professional wildlife technician will thoroughly inspect your home from the crawlspace to the top of your chimney.  Wildlife is not a side business, it is our only business.

3 Year renewable Warranty (transferable to new homeowners).   15% Senior and Veteran Discount.  Proudly Serving the Metro Atlanta area for 30 Years.

 Family owned and operated Franchise.  

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