Opossum trapping in Atlanta

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Opossum in live trap.

Opossum in live trap.

As the temperature drops in the Atlanta area everyone wants to be indoors, including local wildlife.  Opossum most frequently enter homes through a crawlspace or a damaged foundation vent.  Our wildlife technicians are called out to trap opossum that are taking up residence near a homeowners furnace in order to stay warm.

Our wildlife technicians will inspect your home from top to bottom and locate the entry points as well as trap, remove & relocate your opossum family.

Opossums average 2 – 3 litters per year, with an average of seven young per litter.  Opossums will fedd from compost piles, garbage, bird feeders and pet food.  These animals will dig around foundations and backyard areas and many chew or gnaw on woody structures.

The opossum in the only marsupial (with pouch) in the United States.  The opossum is an adaptable, nocturnal solitary animal that wanders in woody & open area salong rural and suburban habitats.

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