Noises in the attic at night?

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The most common animal we trap in the winter months here in Atlanta are flying squirrels.  Flying squirrels are small, nocturnal animals that forage for nuts throughout the evening.  They climb the closest tree to your home and jump onto your roof then squeeze in areas such as louver vents, and construction gaps located right behind your gutter and beneath your shingles and exhaust vents and holes in the soffit or fascia.  Flying squirrels are much smaller than gray squirrels, even smaller then roof rats (and a whole lot cuter!).  There are usually 5 – 10 flying squirrels in an attic area.  They store acorns and other seeds and nuts in your attic and nest in the insulation.

Our technicians will inspect your home and locate the entry points, trap and remove the squirrels then repair the entry/damaged areas to ensure you do not have the problem next season.  We also offer clean up of droppings and insulation replacement.

Critter Control of Atlanta offers Free Inspections.  Call (770) 663 -6260 to schedule an appointment with one of our wildlife specialists today.  December Special: 15% Off Insulation & Attic Restoration.  

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