Hazards Caused by Animals and Their Droppings

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Hearing Noises in the Attic?  It is a very common complaint among homeowners most often in the spring and fall months.

Noises in the attic should not be ignores as they can lead to potentially hazardous health situations.  Animals such as roof rats, squirrels, raccoons and birds that have gained access to your attic can cause damage to your home, insulation and ductwork.  Leaky ductwork can cause bacteria to be spread throughout your home so a proper thorough inspection by a wildlife specialist is key to solving your problem for good.

Confined spaces like your attic provide the perfect nesting ground for animals such as bats, squirrels, roof rats, raccoons and birds.  Many rodents burrow into your insulation leaving their droppings and urine not only on the top of your insulation but deep inside the burrows as well.  Over time these dropping build up eventually causing odors and possibly even stains on your walls or ceilings. These droppings also have the potential for harboring bacterial (salmonella)as well as parasites (raccoon roundworm) or fungal (histoplasmosis) organisms which can lead to illness and/or disease, leaving everyone in the home at risk. Your home is also at risk for insect infestation by those insects that feed on fecal matter (bats bugs, mites, etc…).  Fleas and ticks are often brought in by wildlife as well.

The exterior of your home could also be at risk if you have bats or birds roosting in your attic and/or louver vents.  A build-up of bird or bat droppings (guano) can leave walkways, awnings, eaves, driveways and entryways contaminated and allow these organisms to be tracked indoors.  They can also make these areas slippery and dangerous.  These droppings can corrode certain surfaces like paint and metal and cause them to corrode.

Our Wildlife Technicians will thoroughly inspect your home from your rooftop, attic, down to your crawlspace.  They will determine what type of animal is entering/nesting in your home, trap, remove and/or exclude the animals as well as repair any damage they have caused.  Critter Control of Atlanta also provides the most thorough attic clean up and restoration in the Metro Atlanta area.  All of our work is guaranteed.  Several references available.  Critter Control of Atlanta has been proudly serving the Metro Atlanta area for over 25 years.

Call Critter Control of Atlanta today to schedule a Free Inspection at (770) 663-6260.  Appointments available Monday – Saturday.       24/7 Emergency Services Available.  


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