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Early Fall is the time of year many critters are looking for a safe warm place to settle in for the cold fall and winter months.  Nothing is more enticing than your attic full of warm insulation!  It also provides shelter from the elements as well as protection from predators such as owls and hawks most rodents have to hide from on a daily basis.

Gray squirrels and flying squirrels often have young that begin to mature this time of year so the few little footsteps you heard this summer may have turned into several by now.  These critters begin to gather acorns and other tree nuts as fall approaches so they have enough food to get them through the winter months.  Often customers call us due to the increase in activity they hear in their attics this time of year.

Our wildlife technicians will thoroughly inspect your attic and the rest of you home to dermine what type of critter you have, how to trap & remove it as well as the best method to seal up the entry point to prevent future animal entry.

Critter Control of Atlanta provides Free Inspections.  All of our repair and exclusion work comes with a renewable warranty.  Critter Control of Atlanta has proudly been serving the Metro Atlanta are for 30years.

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Call Critter Control of Atlanta today to schedule your Free Inspection at (770)663-6260.

Wildlife is not one of our side business, it is our only business.

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