Discovering Bats in the Attic

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Many homeowners begin to see a bat fly around their homes on occasion but do not realize they are actually roosting in their louver vents or attic areas.  Bats can squeeze through holes 3/8″ wide( the size of a dime).  They occasionally enter the house through chimneys or open windows, and many get lost and enter the building interior after migrating through the structure to seek a preferred temperature zone.

Sometimes bats may appear in a room, then disappear by crawling under a door to another room, hallway or closet.  They may also appear behind curtains, wall hangings, bookcases, and so on.  Locating and removing individual bats from living spaces can be laborious, but it is important to insure the safe capture and release of the bat.

Big Brown Bats and Little Brown Bats are the most common species found in Georgia.  These bats are often found in louver vents and attic spaces throughout the Atlanta Area.  The most concentrated colonies are found in homes and subdivisions situated on or around lakes or creeks as there is an abundance of mosquitos for the bats to feed on and provide the nourishment for established nursery colonies year after year.

Bats are protected.  Bats are the only flying mammal in the world and are very beneficial to our environment as they can eat half of their body weight in insects every day.  Bats may be excluded from your home (by installing one-way bat check valves to allow them to fly out but not back in) then sealing up  and/or screening the areas they had been entering.

Bats give birth in early spring and a special permit is needed in order to exclude nursery colonies between the months of May – August (when the babies are too young to fly out on their own).  Critter Control of Atlanta can install Bat Houses on the property if the homeowner wishes to keep the colony on the property-just not inside the house!

Our wildlife technicians and repair crew can also seal up the home once the bats have been excluded and clean up the remaining guano and repair/re-paint any damaged areas.  Our repair crew can also remove any contaminated insulation and install new insulation after disinfecting the attic areas.

If you are concerned about possible contact with a bat (such as a bite) contact our office and a technician can remove the bat and take it to animal control for rabies testing.  Rabies is more common in raccoons here in Georgia than in the bat population.  Bats do have small teeth so not all bites are detected.  If a bat is found by a small child or is located in a bedroom often we recommend the homeowner have the bat tested.

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