Cleaning up after critters in the attic

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Hazards Caused by Animals in Attics

Are you hearing noises in your attic at night?  If so, you could be facing a potentially hazardous situation.  Animals such as roof rats, squirrels, raccoons and birds that have gained access to your attic can cause significant damage to your home and insulation, not to mention create a breeding ground for fungus, bacteria and even disease.

Warm confined spaces such as your attic provide the perfect nesting areas for animals such as roof rats, squirrels, raccoons, bats and birds.  Rodents burrow in your insulation leaving their droppings, not only on the top of your insulation but also in the inside where they burrow and travel.  Over time, animal feces and urine build up, eventually causing odors and possibly even stains on your walls and ceilings.  These droppings also harbor bacterial organisms which can lead to illness or disease as well as parasites (raccoon roundworm, mites, fleas, ticks, lice) and other insects (bat bugs and other insects that feed on fecal matter).  Spring time is breeding season for many of these critters so there is no better time than now to trap and remove them and keep them out of your home for good!

The expert wildlife technicians at Critter Control of Atlanta can come out and diagnose any issues you may have with unwanted critters in your home and attic.  Our technicians provide a full inspection (from your rooftop to your foundation), determine what type of critter, trap & remove the animal as well as locate the entry points.  We can repair the entry points and begin clean up of you attic once it is all clear of critters.

Clean up of heavily soiled insulation requires vacuuming out the contaminated insulation and droppings throughout the attic space, applying a disinfectant and installing the new insulation throughout your attic.  All of our repair work is guaranteed and comes with a 3 year renewable warranty.

Homeowner’s Insurance may cover the cost of insulation removal and replacement when damage is by raccoons and pigeons as their droppings pose serious health risks.  Our technicians can provide you with the necessary photographs and documentation to forward your insurance provider for review.

Critter Control of Atlanta has over 15 years of Attic Restoration experience.  Call Critter Control of Atlanta today to schedule a Free Inspection at (770) 663-6260 and let us start off your Spring Cleaning!  

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Bats in the attic

Bats in the louver vent of a Gainesville, Georgia attic. Louver vents are the most common area bats are found on residential structures.


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