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Honey Bees are social Insects and slow to sting unless they do so in self defense.  Unlike wasp or yellowjackets, honeybees can only sting once as they lose their stinger in the target and eventually die.  Honey bees are invaluable pollinators; the value of this activity far surpassing that of their honey & beeswax production.

Honey bees are known to construct large combs/hives in wall voids.  The combs must be removed with the colony or the honey will become rancid and seep through the drywall, attracting other insects & rodents.  Honey bees are currently being threatened by parasitic mites and every effort should be made to safely remove honey bee colonies.

The wildlife technicians at Critter Control of Atlanta are experienced in Honey bee hive removal.  Call today for a free inspection 770-663-6260.

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