Bats in the attic? Critter Control of Atlanta specializes in Bat removal and Clean up!

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May through August are busy months for bats here in the Atlanta area.  Homeowners often spot bats entering louver vents to access attic areas this time of year.  While having bats in your yard is beneficial due to mosquito control, having them roost in your attic is not a situation you want to deal with on your own.  Big Brown Bats and Little Brown Bats are the two most common species of bats in Georgia.  Bats are federally protected and should only be managed by licensed professionals. 

Our experienced Wildlife Technicians will come out and provide a Free Inspection to determine the exact entry points and any areas where clean up of bat guano is needed.  The quicker the homeowner notices the bat problem, the faster and more cost effective the solution.  Bat guano builds up quickly and can create and/or attract health hazards such as histoplasmosis (a lung infection caused by inhaling the fungal spores that grow on the guano in the right conditions) bat bugs and other parasites & insects that feed off of the droppings.

Common bat entry points include louver vents, soffit vents, chimneys, gaps around the roofline and damaged woodwork along the roofline.  Critter Control of Atlanta has an experienced repair crew capable of repairing any animal damage on your home or business.  

Critter Control of Atlanta has been proudly serving the Metro Atlanta Area for 30 Years.  Our Experienced Wildlife Technicians and Repair Crew have managed bats in and around homes, businesses, apartment communities, shopping centers and churches with great success!  References available. 15% Senior & Veteran Discount. 

Call Critter Control of Atlanta Today to schedule a Free Bat Inspection at (770) 663-6260.

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