Atlanta Wasp Nest Removal

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Paper Wasps range in colors from reddish brown to dark brown, to bright yellow and black.  All are slender with long, thin legs.  They are much slower in flight then the yellowjacket.  Paper wasps build gray, paper nests hat resemble a honeycomb when viewed from below.  If the nest is built in an open area, such as under a window sash or eaves, it will be roughly circular.  fertile queens begin working on the nests in early spring.  These nest-founding queens produce workers that enlarge the nest and feed insect prey to the developing young.  Paper wasps may sting to defend the nest if sufficiently disturbed.  At the end of sumer new queens are produced which will found new colonies in the spring.  They will look for a protected dry place to spend winter, new queens can cluster indoors in large numbers.  Queens are large and few homeowners have any desire to be hospitable to large numbers of these royal wasps as they look for their winter quarters.

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