Atlanta Squirrel Removal

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Hearing noises in your attic?  The professional wildlife technicians at Critter Control of Atlanta can handle any nuisance wildlife issue you may have.  Our technicians will provide you with a full home inspection, determine what type of rodent problem you have, as well as trap and remove the unwanted house guests.  Critter Control of Atlanta technicians use humane trapping and removal methods. Our wildlife technicians will also provide you with a detailed estimate on repairing any entry points, damaged and/or soiled areas.  All repair/exclusion work is guaranteed.  Many products come with a Lifetime Warranty (such as chimney caps, roof vent guards and Leafproof Gutter Proction System). 15% Senior Discount.  10% website coupon.  Call to schedule your free squirrel removal inspection today (770) 663-6260. Critter Control of Atlanta has been proudly serving the Atlanta area for 30 years.  References available.

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