Atlanta Bat Removal

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Bats in a louver vent

Louver vents are the most common entry and roosting areas for bats.

Bats in the United States are beneficial.  Many bats feed on insects and can consume half of their body weight in one night’s feeding.  Occassionaly, however, they become a nuisance inside buildings or pose a public health problem.  The bats that most often become a problem in the Atlanta area are Little Brown Bats.  Little brown Bats live in colonies or groups.  Little Brown Bats and Big Brown Bats are both found in Georgia.  These species sometimes hibernate or roost in buildings.  It is very common for these bats to enter homes through louver vents or open windows.  Little Brown bats love to roost in lover vents, it is the most common entry point on Metro Atlanta residences.

The wildlife technicians at Critter Control of Atlanta are trained in bat removal techniques that protect both the homeowners and the bats.  Bats are a protected species in Georgia.  All of our bat removal methods are environmentally friendly and ecologically safe to ensure that only humane bat control is practiced.

Our services even include the installation of a bat house on your property if you want to keep the bats nearby, just not in your attic!  Many homeowners that live near lakes, creeks & rivers have bat colonies in the area and appreciate the nightly mosquito control these bats provide.  

Once our wildlife technicians humanely exclude the bats from your home or business they make sure the structure is secured, screened, cleaned & disinfected.

We guarantee our repair work against any future bat re-entry

If you have a bat problem contact Critter Control of Atlanta to schedule a free inspection with one of our experienced wildlife technicians at (770) 663-6260.

Critter Control of Atlanta has been proudly serving the Metro Atlanta Area for 30 Years.

Bat guano in soffit

We recently removed bat guano that was up to 10" deep in the soffit areas of this Gainesville, Georgia home.



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