Animal removal from attics in Atlanta

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Hearing critters in the attic? The most common critters in attics this time of year include roof rats, gray squirrels, flying squirrels & bats.  Your attic provides the necessary warmth & shelter these critters need to raise their young.  Our experienced wildlife technicians are capable of trapping and removing any animal you may have in your attic or any other area of your home or yard.  We will trap and remove them as well as provide you with an estimate on clean up, repairing entry points and preventative measures so you will not have to deal with future wildlife issues in your home again.  All of our repair work comes with a renewable 3 year warranty.

Call Critter Control of Atlanta today to schedule a Free Inspection at (770 ) 663-6260.  24/7 Emergency Services Available. 15% Senior & Veteran Discount.  References available.

Thank you for your inquiry.

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