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Raccoons in the attic?  Raccoons can enter attics through rotten or damaged fascia or soffit areas.  On occasion a raccoon will turn up a corner of your roofing materials and gain access to the attic as well.  Often a female will enter the attic in order to make a nest to give birth to and raise her young.  Raccoon litters consist of 3 – 4 young.  Raccoons are nocturnal and most homeowners only hear activity in the evening, many times in the middle of the night!

Our technicians can humanely trap and remove your raccoons as well as clean up your attic and repair the entry points/any damage they have caused.  Master carpenters on staff can repair and replace any damaged woodwork or siding.  Out repair technicians can also remove raccoon droppings ( which can contain raccoon roundworm that can be transmitted to humans) and soiled insulation then replace your effected attic area with new insulation.

Most homeowners insurance providers cover raccoon damage as they pose a hazard to human health.  You will have to contact your insurance provider for details.  

Call Critter Control of Atlanta today to schedule  a Free Inspection at (770) 663-6260.

Humane trapping and Removal of Nuisance Wildlife throughout the Metro Atlanta Area.  Proudly serving the Metro Atlanta Area for over 30 years.

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