Squirrel Season is here!

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Hearing noises in your attic?  Did those little footsteps you heard this summer turn into several more littlefootsteps running all over the place in the attic?  The reason for that is that those squirrels born in your attic this summer are all grown up now and bringing in additonal nesting material and acorns to store for the  winter in your attic.  Your attic is the ideal home for gray squirrels, flying squirrels and the dreaded roof rats.  An attic provides insulated shelter for these animals and keeps & thier young safe from predators year round.

Gray squirrels are looking for a safe place to have their spring babies and you attic is the perfect place!

February and March are when most of the Southern Gray Squirrel’s  young are born.  Call today and one of our wildlife technicians can direct that mother squirrel somewhere else with our humane exclusion methods.  It is better to keep them out now before there is a nest of babies to relocate to a wildlife rehabilitator!

The professional wildlife technicians at Critter Control of Atlanta will thoroughly inspect your entire home from the attic to the crawlspace and locate any areas where squirrels, raccoons, opossums and other rodents may be nesting for the fall/winter months.  Our wildlife technicians will handle the trapping and removal as well as the clean up and sealing up of any entry points to prevent future animal re-entry.

The two most common critters found in the Atlanta area attics this season ares the gray squirrel & flying squirrel.  Our technicians use humane methods of trapping and removal of squirrels.  We also provide a 3 year renewable warranty on all of the repair/exclusion work.  Call Critter Control of Atlanta today to schedule  a free inspection.

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