Got Fleas?

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Call Critter Control of Atlanta at (770) 663-6260 for a Free Inspection to find the source of your flea problem.  Just spraying a harmful pesticide throughout your home will not solve your flea problem if you have an unwanted critter living in your crawlspace or attic.   This is the time of year animals such as opossum, raccoons and feral cats are active: these are all hosts for fleas that spread to your yard, pets & interior of your home.  Our wildlife technicians can locate the entry points, humanely trap, remove and relocate the animal  in your attic or crawlspace as well as seal up the hole/vent in which they entered your home to prevent this from happening year after year.  All of our repair work comes with a warranty, some products come with a lifetime warranty!   If there are young orphaned animals we will transport them to a local vet (kittens) or wildlife rehabilitator.

This baby opossum was removed from a residence in Atlanta.  This is a juvenille that is now old enough to look for food without it’s mother.  This is the time of year when a lot of baby opossum enter homes in search of food and water.   Don’t panic if one enters your home, just call Critter Control of Atlanta!  We removed the fleas from this baby opossum, gave home a good meal and some fluids.  He will be taken care of before being released into the wild.   You can refer to our local humane society & rescue groups link on Our Services for more information on young or injured wildlife.

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