Bat Removal & Control in Georgia

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The long hot Atlanta summers create the perfect habitat for young bats to flourish as they feed on all of those pesky mosquitos.  Bats are beneficial to our environment as they control the flying insect population, mostly mosquitos here in the Atlanta area.  Bats are also protected in Georgia. Our wildlife technicians at Critter Control of Atlanta specialize in bat removal, clean-up & repair work. We all want bats in our neighbornoods, just not in our attics!

This is the time of year Atlanta homeowners spot bats flying from their louver vents at dusk.  Homeowners often call us this time of year panicking asking “How do I get rid of bats in my attic?”  Don’t panic!  We can help you!

Our technicians at Critter Control of Atlanta can exclude (allow them to fly out but not re-enter) your little brown bats and restore your attic (clean up soiled insulation, remove guano, disinfect and blow in new insulation) and prevent future bat entry by closing off/screening any other possible entry points.  All of our repair work comes with a renewable 3 year warranty, come products come with a Lifetime Warranty (such as chimney caps or Leafproof Gutter Protection System-keeps critters out of attic).

To prevent bats from entering your home be sure to keep your windows closed in the evening if you do not have screens.

Bats can enter spaces the size of a quarter, so be careful when leaving those windows cracked on the top, mainly on upper stories of your  home.  Leaving sliding glass doors, garage doors and any other area of your home allow bats access to your living space.

If you discover a bat in your living space on of our wildlife technicians can come out and remove it for you.  Never pick up a sick or injured bat as they can transmit rabies here in Georgia.

Raccoons, coyotes, bats & feral cats are known carriers of rabies here in Georgia. If anyone has been in close contact or bitten they can have the animal tested at a local Atlanta Animal Control facility. One of our wildlife technicians can transport the animal to the facility for you for a minimal charge.

The staff and technicians here at Critter Control of Atlanta want to help protect your family, pets & property this summer!  Call us at (770) 663-6260 for Humane Bat Removal/Exclusion and repair work.  Free Estimates, Online Coupons, Senior Discounts and other Seasonal Specials Available. Available 24/7 for Emergencies.  All repair work comes with warranty. References available. 30 Year Anniversary.  Serving the Entire Metro Atlanta Area and beyond for all of your  wild animal control needs.

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