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Water Moccasin caught in Woodstock, Georgia.

Critter Control of Atlanta snake removal

This spring and summer make sure to call Critter Control of Atlanta to handle all of your wildlife control needs. Our wildlife technicians will inspect your home & property and come up with the best solution for you so you can feel confident you have make the best choice in a Wildlife Management Service. We guarantee all of our work and have references available upon request. We have been serving the Metro Atlanta Area for more then 25 years. Wildlife isn’t just one part of our business–it is our only business.

Got Snakes? Bats? Rats? Raccoons? This is the active season for these animals this spring and summer here in Atlanta. Mating season followed by the birth of these critters means they are more active and more likely to find your attics & crawlspaces to be a safe haven from predators. Your attic if a far better raccoon nursery than that old tree they used to live in! When snakes frequent an area you not only want them removed, but also to figure out why they are there in the first place. Snakes frequent areas where there is s constant food source, such as mice, chipmunks and moles. When customers call regarding a snake hole I try to explain the snake just cleared the rodents from that hole and slithered out looking for more! We will catch them all! Snakes do provide us all with rodent control but we do not want them close to our homes or inside them either! Our technicians can trap & remove your critters and seal up the holes to prevent any future animal entry. All of our repair work is guaranteed! Call Critter Control of Atlanta today to schedule your free inspection at (770) 663-6260.

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